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Su-Jok - TCM - Acupuncture open point 2.0


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Su-Jok - TCM - Acupuncture open point
Our software provides you with a simple way of the energy balance and treatment.
Open point is a technique of selecting points for acupuncture in relation to the flow of QI in the body according to the time of day, and to the day in the calendar.
Mjeng is a method of selection the open point and 2-nd point on Triple energizer or Heart constrictor meridian.
Magnetotherapy - is a method of healing by alternating low-frequency and constant magnet field.
The "Open point" software suggests you also an easy method of color therapy by felt pen.

Intrigued? Just try it. We have a trial-version

The software automatically enters, analyzes and identifies the open point, mjeng points, points for magneto and color therapies in your body.
No need manual keyboard entry, no erroneous results. Totally auto-input and easy operation.

This software can be used for added efficacy to general acupuncture.
Su-Jok - TCM - Acupuncture open point
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Author: Alternative medicine
License: Shareware
File Size: 3.1 MB
Downloads: 206

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